Bills Introduced Since 4/16/2018

 Updated 5/7/2018


TAX FORFEITED LAND SALES (WEST T, GREEN D) To give county auditors more discretion with respect to how often tax-forfeited land shall be offered for sale, to expressly immunize counties from civil liability in connection with such land, and to remove a requirement that property held by a land bank for more than fifteen years must be offered for sale at a public auction.


FIREARM REGULATION-LOCAL CONTROL (WEST T) To restore local authority to regulate the ownership, possession, purchase, sale, transfer, transportation, storage, and keeping of firearms.


OHIO GLOBAL INITIATIVE (BARNES, JR. J) To establish the "Access to Global Market Opportunities for Ohio Manufactured Products Program" to be composed of the "Ohio Global Leadership Initiative" and the "Global Initiative on International Relations" to create new, untapped global markets for Ohio businesses and thereby promote job creation, and to make an appropriation.


MEDICATION-ASSISTED TREATMENT (GINTER T) Regarding administration of drugs for drug addiction treatment.


WATER AND SEWER RESTRICTIONS (DUFFEY M, LANESE L) To penalize a municipal corporation for engaging in certain actions related to its provision of water and sewer services outside of its territory by reducing or withholding payments the municipal corporation receives from the Local Government Fund and rendering the municipal corporation ineligible for state water and sewer development funds.


IN-STATE TUITION-MILITARY SERVICE (PERALES R) To grant residency status for in-state tuition purposes at state institutions of higher education to all military service members who are on active duty and to their spouses and dependents.


WIND FARM SETBACKS (STRAHORN F) To alter the minimum setback requirement for wind farms of five or more megawatts and to make the authorization of qualified energy project property tax exemptions permanent.


OVERTIME LAW EXEMPTION (KELLY B, SMITH K) To raise the salary threshold above which certain employees are exempt from the overtime law.


TAX EXEMPTION-MAPLE SAP (PATTERSON J, LATOURETTE S) To authorize a property tax exemption for land used for commercial maple sap extraction and to reimburse, up to $3 million per year, local governments for revenue lost from the exemption.


WAYNE COUNTY COURT REQUIREMENT (WIGGAM S) To eliminate the requirement that one of the judges of the Wayne County Municipal Court sit within the municipal corporation of Orrville.


SNAP ELIGIBILITY (WIGGAM S) Regarding eligibility for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.


EXPULSION-THREAT OF VIOLENCE (HUGHES J) With respect to the expulsion of a student from a school district, community school, or STEM school for communicating a threat of violence to occur on school grounds.


CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAW (CLYDE K) To modify the Campaign Finance Law.


ONLINE SCHOOL PAYMENT (FABER K, ROEGNER K) To condition payment from the Department of Education to an Internet or computer-based community school on the school's use of automatically verifiable software that tracks attendance, class size, and participation.


CHILD ABUSE REGISTRY (PERALES R) To establish and maintain a publicly accessible child abuse registry containing information on offenders who commit certain offenses against minors under 14 years of age and to name the act Jacob's Law.


STD TESTING-PREGNANT WOMEN (WEST T, GALONSKI T) Regarding testing pregnant women for HIV, syphilis, and gonorrhea.


LEGAL IMMUNITY-DRUG OVERDOSES (WEST T) To provide immunity from arrest, prosecution, or conviction for use or possession of drug paraphernalia for a person who seeks or obtains medical assistance for a drug overdose.


PROBATE DEBT PAYMENT (WEST T) To require creditors, prior to collecting the debt of a decedent outside of probate, to explicitly inform the person from whom payment is sought that the person is under no obligation to pay the debt.


PROHIBIT ARREST QUOTAS (WEST T) To prohibit certain law enforcement officials or agencies from establishing a plan using quotas of arrests made or citations issued by their police officers for the purpose of evaluating, promoting, transferring, rewarding, or disciplining the police officers and to authorize the Attorney General to investigate such use upon an anonymous report of a police officer.


ESTABLISH TELEHEALTH COMMISSION (WEST T) To establish the Ohio Telehealth Commission.


NON-OPIOID DIRECTIVE (WEST T) To require the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services to develop a non-opioid directive form.


UNBORN CHILD EDUCATION (ANTANI N) To require the development of an instructional program and educational and informational materials and the dissemination of those materials to protect the humanity of the unborn child and to make an appropriation.


REGULATION REDUCTION (ROEGNER K, RIEDEL C) To require agencies to reduce the number of regulatory restrictions.


OFFICER DEATH BENEFITS-SURVIVING FAMILY (HUGHES J) To revise the payments that surviving family members receive from the Ohio Public Safety Officers Death Benefit Fund and to permit surviving spouses and children to participate in the health, dental, and vision benefits offered to state employees as if the survivors were employees of this state.


JUDGES-CONCEALED HANDGUNS IN COURT (PERALES R) To generally authorize a judge or magistrate who is a concealed handgun licensee to possess a concealed handgun in a courthouse or attached parking area, to expand the exemption from the offenses regarding illegal conveyance, possession, or control of a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into or in a courthouse for a judge or magistrate who is a licensee with respect to a concealed handgun, and to require a specified secure storage of the concealed handgun while in the courthouse as a condition for application of the authorization and exemption.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-ERIC JOERING (GONZALES A, CARFAGNA R) To designate a portion of Interstate Route 270 in Franklin County as the "Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering Memorial Highway."


NEW AFRICAN IMMIGRANTS FUND (KENT B) To establish the New African Immigrants Grant and Gift Fund in the state treasury.


AUXILIARY CONTAINER REGULATION (LANG G, LIPPS S) To authorize a person to use an auxiliary container for any purpose, to prohibit a municipal corporation, charter county, or limited home rule township from imposing a tax or fee on auxiliary containers, and to clarify that the existing anti-littering law applies to auxiliary containers.


MORATORIUM-ACADEMIC DISTRESS COMMISSIONS (SMITH K, FEDOR T) To establish a moratorium on the creation of new academic distress commissions.


ELIMINATE PERIOD OF LIMITATION-RAPE (SMITH K, GALONSKI T) To eliminate the period of limitation for the criminal prosecution of a person for rape.


RESIDENT EDUCATOR LICENSES (STEIN D, RETHERFORD W) With regard to qualifications for obtaining a resident educator license.


GENERAL ASSEMBLY GIFTS & TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT (ANTANI N) To modify the law governing gifts and travel reimbursements to members of the General Assembly and to prohibit the use of campaign contributions for travel outside the United States.


ALTERNATIVE GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS EXTENSION (GALONSKI T) To extend the alternative graduation requirements for two additional years.


AMUSEMENT RIDE SAFETY (HUGHES J, PATTERSON J) To revise the laws governing amusement ride operation and safety, to designate this act as "Tyler's Law," and to declare an emergency.


VEHICLE PRODUCT PROTECTION CONTRACTS (LANG G, HOLMES G) Regarding motor vehicle ancillary product protection contracts and motor vehicle service contracts.


LITTERING-PRIVATE PROPERTY (BOGGS K, MILLER A) To prohibit individuals who own or control private property in municipal corporations from depositing litter on that property.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-JAMES SPROWL (STEIN D) To designate a portion of State Route 99 in Huron County as the "Lance Corporal James Sprowl Memorial Highway."


SCHOOL LICENSE PLATE PROGRAM (RAMOS D) To create a school license plate program.


VETERANS-RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT-DISASTERS (RAMOS D) To exempt veterans from the three-month county residency requirement to be eligible for financial assistance from the county veterans service commission, if the veteran has relocated to the county from another Ohio county, state, or United States territory after the Governor or President of the United States declares a disaster or emergency.


MINOR VOTER PREREGISTRATION (CLYDE K) To permit sixteen and seventeen year olds to preregister to vote.


UNIVERSAL PRESCHOOL EDUCATION (FEDOR T, WEST T) To require a universal preschool education program that is free and available to any four- or five-year-old child who resides in the state.


HOUSE CHAMBERS-OHIO TEENPACT (SCHURING K) Authorizing Ohio TeenPact Leadership School to use the Ohio House Chambers to conduct its graduation ceremonies.


CASA DAY (STRAHORN F) Recognizing CASA Day in Ohio, April 20, 2018.


HONORING NORMANDY HIGH SCHOOL-CULINARY ARTS TEAM (CELEBREZZE N) Honoring the Normandy High School culinary arts team as the 2018 Ohio ProStart Invitational Champion.


HOST FAMILY AGREEMENTS (COLEY W) Regarding regulation of host family agreements.


CREDIT UNION LAW REVISIONS (TERHAR L) To revise the laws governing credit unions and to allow credit unions to serve as public depositories.


REDUCTION OF AGENCY REGULATIONS (PETERSON B, MCCOLLEY R) To require agencies to reduce the number of regulatory restrictions.


PILOT PROJECT SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNTS (EKLUND J, LEHNER P) To increase the maximum amount that may be awarded to students under the Pilot Project (Cleveland) Scholarship Program.


OSCAR NICEWANDER MEMORIAL HIGHWAY (HOTTINGER J) To designate a portion of State Route 93 in Tuscarawas County as the "PFC Oscar F. Nicewander Memorial Highway" and a portion of State Route 520 in Holmes County as the "Cpl. Jerry Robert Spitler Memorial Highway."


OFFICER DEATH BENEFIT FUND REVISIONS (LAROSE F, HOTTINGER J) To revise the payments that surviving family members receive from the Ohio Public Safety Officers Death Benefit Fund and to permit surviving spouses and children to participate in the health, dental, and vision benefits offered to state employees as if the survivors were employees of this state.


STAB PROOF VEST PURCHASES (SCHIAVONI J) To provide for the purchase of stab proof vests for certain public employees and to make an appropriation.


CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AWARENESS MONTH (TAVARES C) To designate the months of March and September as "Civic Engagement Awareness Month."


REASSERT FEDERALISM TO CONGRESS (OBHOF L, PETERSON B) To reassert the principles of federalism found throughout the Constitution of the United States of America and embodied in the Tenth Amendment, to notify Congress to limit and end certain mandates, and to insist that federal legislation contravening the Tenth Amendment be prohibited or repealed.


HONORING JAMES SHEA-RETIREMENT. (OBHOF L) Honoring James Shea on his retirement.




HONORING MARC-ANTOINE BLAIS BELANGER-FENCING (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger as a 2018 NCAA Fencing Champion.


HONORING ASHLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE-ADVOCACY (OBHOF L) Honoring the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce on receiving the 2018 Excellence in Grassroots Advocacy Award from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.


HONORING UNIVERSITY OF MOUNT UNION-TRACK (OELSLAGER S) Honoring the University of Mount Union men's 1,600-meter relay team on an exceptional season.


HONORING NICK PROTASIEWICZ-SPEECH AND DEBATE (DOLAN M) Honoring Nick Protasiewicz as a 2018 Ohio Speech and Debate Champion.


HONORING LEAH ROTER-CROSS COUNTRY (YUKO K) Honoring Leah Roter as the 2017 Division II State runner-up in girls cross country.


HONORING MARI DAVIES-DANCE (GARDNER R) Honoring Mari Davies on receiving the 2018 OhioDance Award for Outstanding Contributions to Dance Arts Administration.


HONORING ROTARY CLUB OF ELYRIA (MANNING G) Honoring the Rotary Club of Elyria on its One Hundredth Anniversary.


HONORING RODNEY MCBRIDE-BIG BROTHER (TAVARES C) Honoring Rodney McBride on being named the 2018 Ohio Big Brother of the Year.


HONORING KLOTZ FLORAL DESIGN (GARDNER R) Honoring Klotz Floral Design and Garden on its One Hundredth Anniversary.


HONORING CASEY BARNETT-WRESTLING (GARDNER R, MANNING G) Honoring Casey Barnett as the 2018 Division III State Wrestling Champion in the 106-pound weight class.


HONORING DEER PARK HIGH SCHOOL-BASKETBALL (TERHAR L) Honoring the Deer Park High School boys basketball team as the 2018 Division III State Champion.


HONORING ARCHBISHOP MOELLER HIGH SCHOOL-BASKETBALL (TERHAR L) Honoring the Archbishop Moeller High School boys basketball team as the 2018 Division I State Champion.


HONORING HOOVER HIGH SCHOOL-SWIMMING (OELSLAGER S) Honoring the Hoover High School girls 400-yard freestyle relay team on securing the 2018 Division I State Championship title.


HONORING KINGSWAY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL-BASKETBALL (LAROSE F) Honoring the Kingsway Christian School girls basketball team as the 2018 OCSAA State Champion.


IN MEMORY OF EARLE BRUCE. (KUNZE S) In memory of Earle Bruce.


HONORING ST. CLAIRSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL-CHEERLEADING (HOAGLAND F) Honoring the St. Clairsville High School cheerleading team on winning the 2018 OASSA Division IV State Championship in the non-building category.


HONORING COLT YINGER-WRESTLING (HOAGLAND F) Honoring Colt Yinger on winning a 2018 Division III State Wrestling Championship.


HONORING NORMANDY HIGH SCHOOL CULINARY ARTS (SKINDELL M) Honoring the Normandy High School culinary arts team on winning a 2018 Ohio ProStart Invitational Championship.


HONORING OHIO STATE-SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring The Ohio State University synchronized swimming team as the 2018 U.S. Collegiate National Champion.


HONORING ASHTABULA COUNTY YMCA (O'BRIEN S) Honoring the Ashtabula County YMCA on its One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary.


HONORING BRYCE HEPNER-WRESTLING (MANNING G) Honoring Bryce Hepner as the 2018 Division I State Champion in the 126-pound weight class.


HONORING PICKERINGTON CENTRAL-BASKETBALL (BALDERSON T) Honoring the Pickerington High School Central girls basketball team on winning the 2018 Division I State Championship.


HONORING BLOOMFIELD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (BALDERSON T) Honoring Bloomfield Presbyterian Church on its Two Hundredth Anniversary.


HONORING FIRESTONE PARK UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (SYKES V) Honoring Firestone Park United Methodist Church on its One Hundredth Anniversary.


HONORING CLUB ONE-VOLLEYBALL (O'BRIEN S) Honoring the Club O.N.E. 12 black volleyball team as the 2018 Girls 12 Regional Champion.


HONORING CLARK STATE-ADMINISTRATION (HACKETT R, BEAGLE B) Honoring Clark State Community College on receiving the 2018 AACC CEO/Board Relationship Award of Excellence.


HONORING ZANESVILLE CITY SCHOOLS-BICENTENNIAL (BALDERSON T) Honoring Zanesville City Schools on its Bicentennial.


HONORING BILL STEPP-AUCTIONEER (OBHOF L) Honoring Bill Stepp on his induction into the 2018 Ohio Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame.


HONORING ASHLAND UNIVERSITY-BASKETBALL (OBHOF L) Honoring the Ashland University women's basketball team as the 2018 NCAA Division II Runner-up.


HONORING MARION LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL-BASKETBALL (HUFFMAN M) Honoring the Marion Local High School boys basketball team as the 2018 Division IV State Champion.


HONORING S&S VOLVO (HUFFMAN M) Honoring S&S Volvo as the 2017 Dealer of the Year for North America.


HONORING GENOA HIGH SCHOOL-WRESTLING (GARDNER R) Honoring the Genoa High School wrestling team as the 2018 Division III Dual Team State Champion and the 2018 Division III Individual Team State Champion.



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