Bills Introduced Since 11/21/2017

 Updated 12/06/2017


LICENSE PLATE-PADUA FRANCISCAN (ANIELSKI M) To create the "Padua Franciscan High School" license plate.


SCHOOL RECORDS TRANSFER (INGRAM C) To require a public or chartered nonpublic school to transmit a student's records within five business days when the student transfers to another school.


EMERGENCY VEHICLE LIGHTS AND SIRENS (HENNE M) To modify the defense to the liability of a member of a police or fire department or emergency medical service of a political subdivision for the negligent operation of a motor vehicle in response to an emergency by requiring that the vehicle has its lights and sirens simultaneously activated.


MONTH DESIGNATION-OHIO ADOPTION AWARENESS (SYKES E, BOYD J) To designate the month of November as Ohio Adoption Awareness Month.


REPLICA VEHICLE TITLES (PATTERSON J, BECKER J) To provide that when a certificate of title is issued for a motor vehicle, the owner may request that the certificate indicate that the motor vehicle is a replica vehicle.


MUNICIPAL WATER-WORKS ACQUISITIONS (GINTER T, ROGERS J) To govern acquisitions of municipal waterworks and sewage disposal system companies by certain larger nonmunicipal water-works or sewage disposal system companies.


MASKED INTIMIDATION MISDEMEANOR (LANG G, SEITZ B) To create the crime of masked intimidation, a misdemeanor of the first degree.


SUBSTANCE RECOVERY-WORKFORCE (WIGGAM S) To enact the "Substance Recovery and Workforce Improvement Act" regarding drug testing and eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits.


POLICE BODY CAMERAS-PUBLIC RECORDS (ANTANI N, CRAIG H) To provide that specified portions of peace officers' body-worn camera recordings and the infrastructure record of a public school are not public records for purposes of the Public Records Law.


SCHOOL SEXUAL CONDUCT (HAGAN C) To prohibit an employee of a school or institution of higher education who is not in a position of authority from engaging in sexual conduct with certain students.


ADDICTION, OVERDOSE RESPONSE PROGRAMS (YOUNG R) To require the Department of Health to publish monthly drug overdose death information for each county, to create grant programs to support faith-based substance abuse services, to authorize an income tax deduction for physicians providing such services for free, and to allocate funds and make an appropriation for the grant programs.


STUDENT RELIGIOUS LIBERTIES ACT (GINTER T, LATOURETTE S) Regarding student religious expression and to entitle the act the "Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act of 2018."


LICENSE PLATE-CANTON BULLDOGS (WEST T) To create the "Canton Bulldogs" license plate.


SALES TAX EXEMPTION-OIL AND GAS PRODUCTION (SCHAFFER T) To expand the scope of a sales and use tax exemption for certain kinds of property used in the production of oil and gas.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-TOMMY HAYES (HUGHES J) To designate a portion of I-71 in Franklin County as the "Officer Tommy Hayes Memorial Highway."


STUDENT LOAN OMBUDSMAN & LICENSURE (BOGGS K, KELLY B) To require student loan servicers to be licensed by the Division of Financial Institutions and to create the position of student loan ombudsperson in the Division of Financial Institutions to provide assistance to student loan borrowers.


SPAYING & NEUTERING CREDITS (KELLY B, BRINKMAN T) To allow a licensed veterinarian to receive up to two continuing education credits per biennium for performing free spaying and neutering services.


LICENSE PLATE-MILITARY SERVICE CROSSES (SWEENEY M, PERALES R) To create the "Army Distinguished Service Cross," the "Navy Cross," the "Air Force Cross," and the "Coast Guard Cross" license plates.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-RALPH REGULA (SCHURING K) To designate a portion of U.S. Route 30 in Wayne County as the "Ralph Regula Memorial Highway."


NEIGHBORHOOD STOP SIGNS & SPEED LIMITS (BOGGS K, LELAND D) To permit a local resident, neighborhood association, or neighborhood organization to request the erection of a stop sign at an intersection and to support a request for a lower prima facie speed limit on certain streets and highways.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-DAVID CHRISTOFF (GAVARONE T) To designate a portion of State Route 65 in Wood County as the "Marine Sgt. David R. Christoff, Jr. Memorial Highway."


OIL MARKET MANIPULATION (THOMPSON A) To urge the Congress of the United States and President of the United States to take certain actions to counter manipulation of the oil market by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).


PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY (WEST T, RAMOS D) To memorialize the President and Congress to protect net neutrality and open Internet access.


DENOUNCE NEO-NAZI TERRORISM (LELAND D, GREENSPAN D) To denounce and oppose the totalitarian impulses, violent terrorism, xenophobic biases, and bigoted ideologies that are promoted by white nationalists and neo-Nazis, to urge law enforcement to recognize white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups as terrorist organizations, and to pursue the criminal elements of these domestic terrorist organizations in the same manner and with the same fervor used to protect the United States from other manifestations of terrorism.


VEHICLE CRASH STANDARDS (SCHAFFER T) To urge Congress to encourage the Administrator of the FMCSA to change the crash indicator BASIC regulation standards to consider only crashes in which the driver was a at fault for the crash.


MARK TAKAI ATOMIC VETERANS (SCHAFFER T) To urge the Congress of the United States to enact the Mark Takai Atomic Veterans Healthcare Parity Act.


RECOGNIZE ALFALFA PRODUCTS (SPRAGUE R, HILL B) To recognize the existence of two alfalfa products in light of the recent action of the Ingredient Definition Committee of the Association of American Feed Control Officials.


RELIGION ASSISTING DRUG ADDICTED PERSONS (YOUNG R, GINTER T) To recognize the efforts and successes of the faith-based community in supporting and assisting individuals who are suffering from opioid and other drug abuse and addiction.


MEDICAL DEVICE EXCISE TAX (YOUNG R) To urge the Congress of the United States and the President of the United States to repeal the federal excise tax on medical devices.


HONORING CHRISTINA HOLE-MARCH OF DIMES (ANTANI N) Honoring Christina Hole on receiving a 2017 Ohio March of Dimes Nurse Hero Award.


HONORING OLENTANGY ORANGE-GIRLS GOLF (BRENNER A, CARFAGNA R) Honoring the Olentangy Orange High School girls golf team on winning the 2017 Division I State Championship.


HONORING NATALIE HERSHBERGER-TAEKWONDO (ROMANCHUK M) Honoring Natalie Hershberger on winning a light heavyweight title at the 2017 USA Taekwondo National Championships.


HONORING GALLIA ACADEMY FFA (SMITH R) Honoring the Gallia Academy High School FFA urban soils team as the 2017 State Champion.


HONORING MAXWELL MOLDOVAN-BOYS GOLF (DEVITIS A) Honoring Maxwell Moldovan on winning the 2017 Division I State Championship in boys golf.


HONORING HUDSON HIGH SCHOOL-BOYS CROSS COUNTRY (ROEGNER K) Honoring the Hudson High School boys cross country team as the 2017 Division I State Champion.


HONORING CLAIRE HOLDREN-SINGING STAR (DEVITIS A) Honoring Claire Holdren on placing first at the Ohio's National Singing Star Competition.


2018 YEAR OF THE SCENIC RIVER (PERALES R, GINTER T) Designating 2018 as the Year of the Scenic River in Ohio.


HONORING DUSTIN HORTER-BOYS CROSS COUNTRY (KELLER C, LANG G) Honoring Dustin Horter on winning the 2017 Division I State Championship in boys cross country.


HONORING INDEPENDENCE-GIRLS GOLF (ANIELSKI M) Honoring the Independence High School girls golf team on winning the 2017 Division II State Championship.


HONORING ATRIUM MEDICAL CENTER-CENTENNIAL (KELLER C, LIPPS S) Honoring the Atrium Medical Center on its Centennial.


HONORING DUBLIN JEROME-BOYS GOLF (HUGHES J, PELANDA D) Honoring the Dublin Jerome High School boys golf team on winning the 2017 Division I State Championship.


HONORING ST FRANCIS DESALES-BOYS SOCCER (LELAND D) Honoring the St. Francis DeSales High School boys soccer team as the 2017 Division II State Champion.


HONORING JOAN FLOWERS-KROC AWARD (HOOD R) Honoring Joan Flowers for receiving a 2017 Ray Kroc Award.


HONORING JOEY BAUGHMAN-MR FOOTBALL (HAMBLEY S) Honoring Joey Baughman on being presented with the 2017 Ohio Mr. Football Award.


ELECTION OF THE ASSISTANT MAJORITY WHIP (ROSENBERGER C) Relative to the election of the assistant majority whip for the 132nd General Assembly of Ohio.


PATIO FIREBRICK OVEN USAGE (THOMAS C) To allow a cottage food production operator to use a firebrick oven located on a patio at the operator's residence for purposes of the cottage food production operation.


FIREARMS IN SUBSIDIZED HOUSING (LAROSE F) Regarding a tenant of subsidized rental premises owning, using, or possessing a firearm, a firearm component, or ammunition within the tenant's residential dwelling unit.


SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY CHANGES (EKLUND J) To create a procedure for certain tier II sex offenders convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor to petition a court for reclassification or removal from the sex offender registry and to permit record sealing in those cases.


AFFECTED MINE COMMISSION CREATION (HUFFMAN M) To create the Affected Mine Commission, to require the Affected Mine Commission to hear appeals related to oil and gas operations and affected coal mines in lieu of the Reclamation Commission, and to define "affected mine" for purposes of the law.


MEDICAID EXPANSION ELIGIBILITY PROHIBITION (JORDAN K) To prohibit the Medicaid program from covering the expansion eligibility group after December 31, 2018.


WIND TURBINE SETBACKS (DOLAN M) Regarding wind turbine setbacks for wind farms of at least five megawatts.


REGIONAL COUNCILS OF GOVERNMENTS (DOLAN M) To modify the law concerning regional councils of governments.


ADA DYNAMIC ACCESS SYMBOL (YUKO K) To urge Congress to amend the Americans with Disabilities Act and adopt an international symbol of access that includes a dynamic character leaning forward with a sense of movement.


HONORING CINDY MURPHY-RETIREMENT (TAVARES C) Honoring Cindy Murphy on her retirement.


HONORING MIDDLETOWN YMCA-CENTENNIAL (WILSON S, COLEY W) Honoring the Middletown Area Family YMCA on its Centennial.


HONORING THOMAS WORTHINGTON WATER POLO (KUNZE S, BURKE D) Honoring the Thomas Worthington High School boys water polo team on winning the 2017 State Championship.


HONORING GALLIA ACADEMY FFA (PETERSON B) Honoring the Gallia Academy High School FFA urban soils team on winning first place at the 2017 Ohio FFA Urban Soils Career Development Event.


HONORING J. DANIEL GOOD-RETIREMENT (TAVARES C, BACON K) Honoring Dr. J. Daniel Good on his retirement.


HONORING THOMAS WORTHINGTON FIELD HOCKEY (KUNZE S) Honoring the Thomas Worthington High School field hockey team as the 2017 Division I State Champion.


HONORING JASON MAUK-STATE SERVICE (OBHOF L) Honoring Jason Mauk for outstanding service to the State of Ohio.


HONORING RITTER PUBLIC LIBRARY (GARDNER R) Honoring the Ritter Public Library on its One Hundredth Anniversary.


HONORING DUSTIN HORTER-CROSS COUNTRY (COLEY W) Honoring Dustin Horter as the 2017 Division I State Cross Country Champion.


HONORING LEAH ROTER-CROSS COUNTRY (YUKO K) Honoring Leah Roter on winning the 2017 Division II State Cross Country Championship.


IN MEMORY OF SENATE PRESIDENT BILL HARRIS. (OBHOF L) In memory of Senate President Bill Harris.


KEEP CREW SOCCER IN COLUMBUS (KUNZE S) To urge the investor-operator and chairperson of Columbus Crew Soccer Club to keep the franchise in Columbus.


HONORING BILLIE JOHNSON-N4A (BROWN E, GARDNER R) Honoring Billie Johnson on receiving the 2017 N4A President's Award.


HONORING BEACHWOOD GIRLS TRACK (YUKO K) Honoring the Beachwood High School girls track and field team on winning the 2017 Division II State Championship.


HONORING LUKE KILEY-SOCCER (KUNZE S) Honoring Luke Kiley as the 2017 Mr. Soccer.


HONORING SCENIC RIVER ACT (HACKETT R, SCHIAVONI J) Honoring the Ohio Scenic River Act of 1968 on its Fiftieth Anniversary.


HONORING JOEY BAUGHMAN-FOOTBALL (OBHOF L) Honoring Joey Baughman as the 2017 Ohio Mr. Football.


APPOINTMENT OF ROB MCCOLLEY (OBHOF L, PETERSON B) Relative to the appointment of Rob McColley, to fill the vacancy in the membership of the Senate created by the resignation of Cliff Hite of the 1st Senatorial District.


RELATIVE TO MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT. (PETERSON B) Relative to mileage reimbursement.


HONORING KASSIDIE STIMMEL-POLE VAULT (GARDNER R) Honoring Kassidie Stimmel on placing first in the pole vault at the 2017 Division III State Meet.


HONORING LENNIS PERKINS-HABITAT FOR HUMANITY (PETERSON B) Honoring Lennis Perkins as the 2017 Ohio Habitat for Humanity Volunteer of the Year.


HONORING ZACH KREFT-CROSS COUNTRY (JORDAN K) Honoring Zach Kreft as the 2017 Division II State Boys Cross Country Champion.


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