Bills Introduced Since 07/31/2017

Updated 08/07/2017


LICENSE PLATE-PELOTONIA (HUGHES J) To create the "Pelotonia" license plate.


LAW ENFORCEMENT TAX CREDIT (SCHAFFER T) To allow an income tax credit for law enforcement officials who purchase safety or protective items to be used in the course of official law enforcement activities.


HONORING RUSSELLVILLE-BICENTENNIAL (GREEN D) Honoring the Village of Russellville on its Two Hundredth Anniversary.


RECOGNIZING NATIONAL AVIATION DAY (PERALES R, STRAHORN F) Recognizing National Aviation Day, August 19, 2017.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-STEVEN DISARIO (HOTTINGER J) To designate a portion of U.S. Route 40 in the Village of Kirkersville as the "The Steven Eric Disario Memorial Highway."


WAGE PROTECTIONS-FAIR ACT (TAVARES C) To enact the "Fair and Acceptable Income Required (FAIR) Act" and to revise the enforcement of the prohibitions against discrimination in the payment of wages.


HONORING ELYRIA-BICENTENNIAL (MANNING G) Honoring the City of Elyria on its Bicentennial.


HONORING NATALIE HERSHBERGER-TAEKWONDO (OBHOF L) Honoring Natalie Hershberger as a 2017 USA Taekwondo National Champion.



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