Bills Introduced Since 10/9/2017

 Updated on 10/16/2017


CONCEALED HANDGUN IN COURTROOMS (VITALE N) To permit any person who holds a valid concealed handgun license to carry a concealed handgun in a courthouse, a courtroom, or a government facility of this state or in a government facility of a political subdivision of this state if the political subdivision has not enacted an ordinance or policy that prohibits a licensee from carrying a concealed handgun into the building or the court has not enacted a rule that prohibits a licensee from carrying a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into the courthouse or courtroom.


CHILD ENTICEMENT PROHIBITIONS (DUFFEY M, CUPP B) To create additional criminal prohibitions within the offense of criminal child enticement and to classify criminal child enticement as a tier I sex offense when committed by a registered sex offender.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-FRANK WATSON (BOCCIERI J, LEPORE-HAGAN M) To designate a portion of I-680 in Youngstown as the "Frank Watson Memorial Highway."


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-HARRY MESHEL (BOCCIERI J, LEPORE-HAGAN M) To designate a portion of United States Route 422 in Youngstown as the "Harry Meshel Memorial Highway."


CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE EDUCATION (HAGAN C, RAMOS D) With respect to age-appropriate student instruction in child sexual abuse and sexual violence prevention and in-service staff training in child sexual abuse prevention.


OHIO BROADBAND DEVELOPMENT (SMITH R, CERA J) To create the Ohio Broadband Development Grant Program and to make an appropriation.


LICENSE PLATE-LINE OF DUTY SACRIFICE (PATTON T) To create the "Line of Duty Sacrifice" license plate.


WORKERS COMP-ILLEGAL ALIENS (SEITZ B, HOUSEHOLDER L) To prohibit illegal and unauthorized aliens from receiving compensation and certain benefits under Ohio's Workers' Compensation Law.


ZERO-EMISSIONS NUCLEAR RESOURCE (DEVITIS A) Regarding the zero-emissions nuclear resource program.


UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION LAW (SCHURING K) To modify terms describing payments made under the Unemployment Compensation Law, to increase the amount of wages subject to unemployment compensation premiums, to require qualifying employees to make payments to the Unemployment Compensation Insurance Fund, to allow the Director of Job and Family Services to adjust maximum weekly benefit amounts, to reduce the maximum number of benefit weeks, and to make other changes to the Unemployment Compensation Law.


CHILD CARE HEALTH & SAFETY RISKS (CARFAGNA R) Regarding parental notice of serious risks to the health or safety of children receiving child care.


UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION BONDS (SCHURING K) To allow the General Assembly to provide by law for the issuance of bonds to pay unemployment compensation benefits when the fund created for that purpose is or will be depleted or to repay outstanding advances made by the federal government to the unemployment compensation program.


HONORING ROGER FAUSNAUGH-MOOSE (ROSENBERGER C, HOOD R) Honoring Roger Fausnaugh on receiving the Loyal Order of Moose Pilgrim Degree of Merit.


HONORING ANDREW BASHAW-AMERICAN TRAILS (HOOD R) Honoring Andrew Bashaw on receiving the American Trails Outstanding Trail Leaders Award.


HONORING COLIN MCCULLOUGH-HURDLES (GOODMAN W) Honoring Colin McCullough as the 2017 Division III State Champion in the 300-meter hurdles.


HONORING CHAD JOHNSON-3200 METER (GOODMAN W) Honoring Chad Johnson as the 2017 Division III State Champion in the 3,200-meter run.


HONORING AUSTIN HALLABRIN-800 METER (GOODMAN W) Honoring Austin Hallabrin as the 2017 Division III State Champion in the 800-meter run.


HONORING CONCORD TOWNSHIP FIRE DEPARTMENT (BRENNER A) Honoring the Concord Township Fire Department on receiving a 2016 Life Safety Achievement Award.


HONORING MARLON STYLES JR (KELLER C, LANG G) Honoring Marlon Styles, Jr., on being listed as one of the Center for Digital Education's Top 30 Technologists, Transformers, and Trailblazers.


HONORING NOTRE DAME-MENS RUGBY (SMITH K, SWEENEY M) Honoring the Notre Dame College men's rugby team on winning the 2017 D1AA National Championship.


HONORING BLOOMINGBURG PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-BICENTENNIAL (SCHERER G) Honoring Bloomingburg Presbyterian Church on its Bicentennial.


HONORING POLAND JUNIOR LEAGUE SOFTBALL (BOCCIERI J) Honoring the Poland Junior League softball team on winning the 2017 Junior League World Series Championship.


HONORING ARLINGTON CHURCH OF GOD-CENTENNIAL (SYKES E) Honoring Arlington Church of God on its One Hundredth Anniversary.


HONORING BILLIE JOHNSON (ASHFORD M, ARNDT S) Honoring Billie Johnson as the 2017 N4A President's Award recipient.


PUBLIC SCHOOL DEREGULATION ACT (HUFFMAN M) To enact the "Ohio Public School Deregulation Act" regarding the administration of preschool and primary and secondary education programs.


OIL, GAS REVISED ENFORCEMENT (SCHIAVONI J) To revise enforcement of the Oil and Gas Law, including increasing criminal penalties and requiring revocation of permits for violations of that Law relating to improper disposal of brine.


HONORING FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF LODI ON ITS TWO HUNDREDTH ANNIVERSARY. (OBHOF L) Honoring First Congregational Church of Lodi on its Two Hundredth Anniversary.


HONORING WYANDOT ELEMENTARY-BLUE RIBBON (KUNZE S) Honoring Wyandot Elementary School as a 2017 National Blue Ribbon School.


HONORING ROYCE EMERSON-DEPUTY SHERIFF (HOTTINGER J) Honoring Royce Emerson as the longest-serving deputy sheriff in the United States.


HONORING ATIDYA MOHAN-INVENTION (OBHOF L) Honoring Atidya Mohan as a 2017 Ohio Invention Convention winner.


HONORING JO ANN DAVIDSON-BIRTHDAY (BACON K, KUNZE S) Honoring Jo Ann Davidson on her Ninetieth Birthday.



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