Bills Introduced Since 3/15/2018

 Updated 3/22/2018


PUBLIC DESIGN CONTRACTS-INDEMNITY (SEITZ B) To regulate the use of indemnity provisions in professional design contracts related to public improvements.


RETROACTIVE PENALTY REDUCTION (WEST T, SYKES E) To provide that a reduction of a penalty, forfeiture, or punishment for an offense applies with respect to an offender who committed that offense on or after the bill's effective date or, if the offense is not an offense of violence, prior to that date and was sentenced for the offense under the law in effect prior to the reduction.


MEDICAL RESEARCH FUNDS (RAMOS D) To create the Frances Lewandowski Memorial Medical Research Fund and the Medical University Research Reserve Fund to provide grants to colleges for research on terminal or incurable diseases and to make an appropriation.


ART THERAPY LICENSURE (ANIELSKI M) To require the licensure of art therapists and to require the State Medical Board to regulate the licensure and practice of art therapists.


DOG REGISTRATION- DISABLED VETERANS (MCCLAIN R) To exempt certain disabled veterans from paying a dog registration fee when application is made to the county auditor that includes proof that the dog is an assistance dog.


IMMUNIZATION-SCHOOLS (GONZALES A, LANDIS A) To make changes to the law governing immunization of children enrolled in school, preschool programs, and day-care programs.


ANIMAL REMAINS-PET FOOD (LANESE L) To prohibit pet food from containing remains from an animal that was euthanized by the use of any drug injected intravenously or through another nonvascular route or remains from any dog or cat.


SPOUSAL EXCEPTIONS-SEXUAL CRIMES (BOGGS K, LANESE L) To eliminate the spousal exceptions for the offenses of rape, sexual battery, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, gross sexual imposition, sexual imposition, and importuning and to permit a person to testify against the person's spouse in a prosecution for any of those offenses.


HORIZONTAL DRILLING-PARKS (LELAND D) To prohibit the drilling of a horizontal well in various state and local parks


FIREARM BACKGROUND CHECKS (WEST T) To prohibit a federally licensed firearms dealer from transferring a firearm while a background check is pending unless 30 days have elapsed.


FIREARM WAITING PERIOD (WEST T) To require a 72-hour waiting period between the purchase and delivery of firearms and to impose a fine for violating this requirement.


ABORTION BAN (HOOD R, VITALE N) Regarding the abolition of abortion in the state of Ohio and the protection of unborn humans.


MINIMUM CIGARETTE PRICING (SCHERER G, CERA J) Regarding cigarette minimum pricing.


LONG-TERM CARE PREMIUMS (FEDOR T) To impose limitations on long-term care premium rate increases.


SOPHIE'S LAW-ACCIDENT INVESTIGATIONS (BUTLER, JR. J) To authorize a law enforcement officer to arrest a driver of a motor vehicle if the officer has probable cause to believe that the driver committed a moving violation and that the moving violation was a contributing factor in a motor vehicle accident that caused serious physical harm to or the death of another person, to authorize the officer to request a warrant to conduct a chemical test to determine whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol if there is probable cause to do so, to authorize the officer to order the administration of a chemical test under specified circumstances, to require the mandatory bindover (for trial as an adult rather than a juvenile) of a 16- or 17-year-old who is alleged to have committed aggravated vehicular homicide, and to designate this act as "Sophie's Law."


SALES TAX-BUSINESS ELECTRONIC SERVICES (LIPPS S, REINEKE W) To modify the standard for determining when the sales and use tax applies to business-related electronic services that are provided together with other services.


LICENSE PLATE-ZERO NONPROFIT (BROWN R, LIPPS S) To create the "Zero" license plate to benefit the nonprofit Zero, the End of Prostate Cancer.


LODGING TAX-PRICING (GREENSPAN D) To specify that, for the purposes of the sales and use tax and local lodging taxes, the "price" on the basis of which a hotel intermediary must collect and remit the tax is the total amount paid by the customer for the hotel lodging, as advertised by the hotel intermediary.


PERS- DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES SCHOOL EMPLOYEE (SCHERER G, HOWSE S) Regarding Public Employees Retirement System service credit for services as a nonteaching school employee of a county board of developmental disabilities.


WESTERN LAKE ERIE PROTECTION (FEDOR T, SHEEHY M) To urge the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to declare the open waters of Western Lake Erie as impaired pursuant to the federal Clean Water Act.




HONORING BRITTANY NOAH-OSHP (ROSENBERGER C) Honoring Brittany Noah as the 2017 Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper of the Year.


HONORING BOY SCOUT TROOP 28-CENTENNIAL (LELAND D) Honoring Boy Scout Troop 28 on its Centennial.


HONORING LINCOLNVIEW CHEER SQUAD (RIEDEL C) Honoring the Lincolnview High School cheer squad as the 2018 OASSA Division V State Champion in the building category.


HONORING CJ LAYNE-SWIMMING (GAVARONE T) Honoring CJ Layne as a 2018 Division II State Swimming Champion.


PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, GUARD REGULATION (UECKER J, LAROSE F) To amend the requirements related to the licensing and registration of private investigators and security guards.


RATING AGENCY-STATUTORY DEFINITION (HACKETT R) To enact for the Revised Code a definition of the term "rating agency."


BAIL MODIFICATIONS (MCCOLLEY R) To require courts to use the results of a validated risk assessment tool in bail determinations; to allow nonmonetary bail to be set; to require courts to collect certain data on bail, pretrial release, and sentencing; and to require the Supreme Court to create a list of validated risk assessment tools and monitor the policies and procedures of courts in setting bail and utilizing pretrial supervision services.


NURSE ANESTHETISTS DRUG ADMINISTRATION (BURKE D) Regarding the authority of certified registered nurse anesthetists to administer drugs in addition to anesthesia and to select and order certain other drugs.


EXPULSION OF STUDENTS (HOTTINGER J) With respect to the expulsion of a student from a school district, community school, or STEM school for actions that endanger the health and safety of other students or school employees.


STATE MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE (THOMAS C, SCHIAVONI J) To increase the state minimum wage.


APPALACHIAN STORAGE HUB DEVELOPMENT (BALDERSON T) To urge the Congress of the United States to enact various bills advancing the development of an Appalachian storage hub.


HONORING HOLGATE CHEERLEADING-CHAMPIONSHIP (MCCOLLEY R) Honoring the Holgate High School competitive cheerleading team on its 2017 Ohio State Fair Cheer and Dance Championship.


HONORING DENEEN PENN-MISS OHIO (O'BRIEN S) Honoring Deneen Penn as 2018 Miss Ohio USA.


HONORING FELICIA PASADYN-SWIMMING (OBHOF L) Honoring Felicia Pasadyn on winning a 2018 Division I State Swimming Championship.


HONORING BONNIE WALTERS-BIG SISTER OF THE YEAR (HOAGLAND F) Honoring Bonnie Walters on being named the Ohio Big Sister of the Year for 2018.


HONORING WITTENBERG UNIVERSITY MEN’S GOLF-CHAMPION (HACKETT R) Honoring the Wittenberg University men’s golf team as the 2017 NCAA Division III Champion.


HONORING MONICA KRIDLER-DANCE EDUCATION (KUNZE S) Honoring Monica Kridler for her contributions to the advancement of dance education.


HONORING KELSEY MITCHELL-BASKETBALL (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring Kelsey Mitchell as the 2017-2018 All-Big Ten Co-Player of the Year in women’s basketball.


HONORING CHRIS HOLTMANN-COACH OF THE YEAR. (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring Chris Holtmann as the Big Ten Coach of the Year.


HONORING KEITA BATES-DIOP-BASKETBALL (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring Keita Bates-Diop as the 2018 Big Ten Player of the Year.


HONORING KALEB WESSON-BIG TEN FRESHMAN TEAM (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring Kaleb Wesson on being named to the 2018 All-Big Ten Freshman team.


HONORING LIZ LI-SWIMMING (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring Liz Li as a 2018 Big Ten Conference Swimming Champion.


HONORING DAKOTA ELLIOTT-SWIMMING (KUNZE S) Honoring Dakota Elliott on winning the 2018 Division I State Championship in the 200-yard individual medley.


HONORING KRISTEN ROMANO-SWIMMING (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring Kristen Romano on being named the 2018 Big Ten Conference Freshman of the Year in women’s swimming.


HONORING OSU MEN’S INDOOR TRACK-CHAMPION (KUNZE S, BACON K) Honoring The Ohio State University men’s indoor track and field team as the 2018 Big Ten Conference Champion.


HONORING DUBLIN JEROME BOYS-SWIMMING (KUNZE S, BURKE D) Honoring the Dublin Jerome High School boys 200-yard freestyle relay team as a 2018 Division I State Champion.


HONORING BISHOP WATTERSON BOYS-SWIMMING (KUNZE S, JORDAN K) Honoring the Bishop Watterson High School boys 200-yard freestyle relay team as the 2018 Division II State Champion.


HONORING HAWKEN SCHOOL GIRLS SWIM TEAM-CHAMPIONSHIP (DOLAN M) Honoring the Hawken School girls swim team on winning the 2018 Division II State Championship.


HONORING UNIVERSITY SCHOOL BOYS SWIM TEAM-CHAMPIONSHIP (DOLAN M) Honoring the University School boys swim team on winning the 2018 Division II State Championship.


HONORING HAWKEN SCHOOL GIRLS-SWIMMING (DOLAN M) Honoring the Hawken School girls 400-yard freestyle relay team on winning the 2018 Division II State Championship.


HONORING HANNAH BACH-SWIMMING CHAMPION (DOLAN M) Honoring Hannah Bach as a 2018 Division I State Swimming Champion.


HONORING PORTIA DEL RIO BROWN-SWIMMING CHAMPION (DOLAN M) Honoring Portia Del Rio Brown as a 2018 Division II State Swimming Champion.


HONORING DAVID MADEJ-SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS (DOLAN M) Honoring David Madej on winning two 2018 Division I State swimming championships.


HONORING HAWKEN SCHOOL GIRLS-SWIMMING (DOLAN M) Honoring the Hawken School girls 200-yard medley relay team on winning the 2018 Division II State Championship.


HONORING UNIVERSITY SCHOOL BOYS-SWIMMING (DOLAN M) Honoring the University School boys 200-yard medley relay team on winning the 2018 Division II State Championship.


HONORING CHILLICOTHE HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADING-CHAMPION (PETERSON B) Honoring the Chillicothe High School cheerleading team as the 2018 OASSA Division III State Champion in the building category.


HONORING ABBY STEINER-TRACK (KUNZE S) Honoring Abby Steiner as a 2018 Division I State Indoor Track and Field Champion.


HONORING LANCASTER ROTARY CLUB-CENTENNIAL. (BALDERSON T) Honoring the Lancaster Rotary Club on its Centennial.



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