Bills Introduced Since 9/6/2018
Updated 9/14/2018


EMERGENCY TELECOMMUNICATORS-PUBLIC RECORDS (ROEGNER K) To include emergency service telecommunicators as individuals whose residential and familial information is exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Law, and whose addresses public offices, upon request, must redact from records available to the general public on the internet.


HIGHWAY DESIGNATION-CATAWBA ISLAND VETERANS (ARNDT S) To designate a portion of State Route 53 in Ottawa County as the “Catawba Island Township Veterans Memorial Highway.”


EPA RULES-ASBESTOS (RAMOS D) To require all rules adopted by the Director of Environmental Protection governing the fabrication, manufacturing, usage, and disposal of asbestos, asbestos-containing materials, and asbestos-containing products to be consistent with the United States Environmental Protection Agency regulations governing asbestos as those regulations existed on August 1, 2018.


HONORING OHIO TRUCKING ASSOCIATION (SMITH R, STRAHORN F) Honoring the Ohio Trucking Association on its Centennial.


CIVILIAN CYBER SECURITY FORCES (LAROSE F) To create the civilian cyber security reserve forces and to make an appropriation


HONORING ALLISON DAVIS-STATE FAIR (HOAGLAND F, PETERSON B) Honoring Allison Davis on receiving grand champion honors at the 2018 Ohio State Fair


HONORING HISTORIC RIDGEWOOD-ANNIVERSARY (OELSLAGER S) Honoring Historic Ridgewood on its One Hundredth Anniversary


HONORING CHRIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH-ANNIVERSARY (GARDNER R) Honoring Christ Episcopal Church on its One Hundred Eightieth Anniversary


HONORING ZION UNITED METHODIST CHURCH-ANNIVERSARY (GARDNER R) Honoring Zion United Methodist Church on the One Hundred Twenty-fifth Anniversary of its building


HONORING CITY OF WORTHINGTON-ANNIVERSARY (KUNZE S) Honoring the City of Worthington on its Two Hundred Fifteenth Anniversary


HONORING CITY OF NORTON-BICENTENNIAL (LAROSE F) Honoring the City of Norton on its Bicentennial


MEMORIAL-DR. GLYDE MARSH (BACON K) In Memory of Dr. Glyde Marsh



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