Job Opportunities



Date Posted

Entity Name Position Title
  6/29/22 City of Maumee Clerk 2-Income Tax Collection
  6/28/22 Glenview Park District, IL  Finance Director
  6/24/22 City of Avon Director of Finance
  6/24/22 Bath Township, Summit County, Ohio Executive Assistant
  6/22/22 Grandview Heights Public Library Fiscal Officer
  6/22/22 City of Loveland Assistant Finance Director
  6/22/2022  The Ohio State University Senior Accountant
  6/22/2022 Montgomery County Auditor Staff Accountant
  6/20/2022 ADAMH Board of Franklin County Fiscal Officer
  6/20/2022 ADAMH Board of Franklin County Accounting Specialist
  6/15/2022 Butler County Technical Support Supervisor
  6/15/2022 City of Shaker Heights Assistant Director of Finance
  6/15/2022 The Ohio State University Investment Analyst
  6/14/2022 City of Forest Park Assistant Finance Director
  6/6/2022 Cardinal Local School District Treasurer
  6/6/2022 City of Toledo Director of Finance
  6/6/2022 Development Finance Authority of Summit County Fiscal Officer
  6/6/222 Development Finance Authority of Summit County Accounting and Asset Manager
  6/2/2022 Village of Cuyahoga Heights Staff Accountant
  6/1/2022 Ohio Turnpike Internal Audit Manager
  6/1/2022 The Ohio State University Treasury Analyst
  5/27/2022 The Ohio Housing Finance Agency  Capital Markets Analyst 
  5/26/2022 City of Monroe Finance Administrator
  5/24/2022 Cottage Grove, WI Finance Director
  5/23/2022 La Grange Park, Illinois Finance Director/ Treasurer
  5/23/2022 The Regional Income Tax Agency Accounting Technician
  5/23/2022 Ohio Facilities Construction Commission School Facilities Finance Administrator
  5/12/2022 Cranberry Township, PA Chief Financial Officer

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