Wednesday, October 5, 2022
9:00-10:00 AM
General Session: Redefining Leadership in the New Decade

10:10-11:10 AM
Session 1: Budgeting 101 
Session 2: Independence Standard & Affiliate Independence 
Session 3: Bond Disclosure: Why is it Necessary and What Does it Cover? 
Session 4: Leading Through Uncertainty

11:10 AM-12:10 PM
Session 1: Using the Hinkle System
Session 2: ARPA Roundtable
Session 3: Economic Development
Session 4: Effectively Using Social Media is More Than Posting a Highlight on Your
Facebook Page

1:55-2:55 PM
Session 1: Operational Best Practices 
Session 2: GASB 87 - Leases 
Session 3: Investment Quiz Bowl 
Session 4: Going Green: Budgets, Cash Flow, How to Implement This Initiative - It'll
Be Electrifying! 

3:05-4:05 PM
Session 1: Investing for a Small Government 
Session 2: OCBOA Statements/Chart of Accounts 
Session 3: Leveraging New Technology In Treasury Management To Gain Control
Session 4: OPERS Employer Update 

4:05-5:05 PM
Session 1: How to Locate a Grant 
Session 2: Ohio Compliance Supplement 
Session 3: What is Duration Risk and How Can You Manage It? A Lesson in

Session 4: Union Negotiations in the Current Economic Landscape

Thursday, October 6, 2022
9:00-10:00 AM
General Session: Economic Update 

10:10-11:10 AM
Session 1: Cyber Security & Insurance: One Does Not Exist Without the Other
Session 2: City of Nelsonville: Where a Ghost Can Earn a Living 
Session 3: Applying Best Practices When Making Investment Decisions
Session 4: Staff Recruitment & Retention

11:40 AM-12:40 PM
Session 1: Protect Your Accounts: Tools, Red-Flags, Best Practices, and Real-Life
Examples of What Can Go Wrong 
Session 2: What Your Auditors Are Looking For
Session 3: S&P Global Credit Rating Trends and Hot Topics in Ohio
Session 4: Evaluating Employee Performance in a Hybrid World – How Do We
Evaluate Performance If We Don’t See The Employee Every Day?

1:50-2:50 PM
Session 1: Federal Procurement - Lessons Learned 
Session 2: Asset Accountability - Control, Financial Reporting, Risk Mitigation &
Audit Compliance
Session 3: What Bond Investors Want? Environmental, Social & Governance 
Session 4: The Ohio Ethics Law 2022: Watching Our Step!

2:50-3:50 PM
Session 1: Best Practices for Project Management
Session 2: Subrecipient Monitoring
Session 3: Pricing Day Fundamentals
Session 4: Cyber Security: Risk Within Local Governments

4:20-5:20 PM
Session 1: Emerging Trends in Technology 
Session 2: Transforming Your Budget Process 
Session 3: Evolution of the Federal Reserve
Session 4: Collective Employee Benefit Purchasing

Friday, October 7, 2022
9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Session 1: The Value of Values for Accountants 
Session 2: GASB Update 

9:00-10:00 AM
Session 3: Basics of Debt
Session 4: Discovering More Effective Team Communication With DiSC
Session 4, part two:A Day in the Life

10:00-11:00 AM
Session 3: Water and Sewer Construction Financing and Refinancing with Ohio
Session 4: Discovering More Effective Team Communication With DiSC,
Session 4, part two: A Day in the Life

11:00 AM-12:00 PM
Session 3: Innovative Financing Techniques That Won't Make You Lose Sleep
Session 4: Active Shooter Training